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Released Projects

Henry GravesA Comic Book Series


A few days after the events at Wise Manor, Henry Graves finds himself on a stone bridge chatting with Avery Thorne. Suddenly, Henry notices a woman in the river below floating among some oddly-colored lily pads. Ignoring Avery’s warnings, Henry attempts to save the woman… This anthology collects five short stories that follow Henry in his daily life. It explores a variety of oddities he may encounter and even takes a glimpse into Henry’s past.

Physical Comics & PDFs Available

Chicago-20A Comic Book Poem

Imagine if we were all robots. Imagine us all with the same clothes, same emotions, same interactions, but with the heart of wire and steel.

Now, imagine Chicago in the year 2020. Here in this robotic Chicago, we find five new friends exploring a city with strange and interesting possibilities. They are here to find friendship, but also something more

Something human…

Physical Comics & PDFs Available

Astronaut HighschoolerA Comic Book Series

Astronaut Highschooler is a 22-Page comic about a high schooler that must protect the Earth from all sorts of strange sci-fi foes. In this issue, AHS must save the Earth from being destroyed! Who plans on destroying the pale blue dot? Find out! (Hint: Space Pirates)

Physical Comics & PDFs Available

Upcoming Projects for 2021

Heavens Decoded

Written by Rony Lescouflair

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Henry Graves in City of the Forgotten

Being Part Three of the Early Days of Henry Graves

The New Luminaries, Issue #1

Written by Alex Marley & Cory Riggs

The Rocketeer

A 16-page Short Comic 


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