Lives in the capital city of Emrys, where paranormal cases seem to exist around every corner. He has developed a certain reputation at his police station that always lands him the “weird” cases. Sometimes he gets an easy case (usually given to him by other detectives) and must deal with something as simple as a cat ghosting through walls. However, more times than not, Henry must face some of the strangest foes anyone has ever seen. Henry doesn’t mind, though. He prefers to be the man everyone goes to when something cannot be explained…


Known to most as a mysterious cloaked figure. To Henry Graves, however, Avery Thorne is a guide and mentor to most things strange and paranormal. Avery has taught Henry just about all there is to know about the paranormal
that resides in the vast Emrys. With her “memory vision” and trusty “Death’s Lantern”, which she claims she received from the god of death himself, Avery is a valuable component to Henry’s success, and she makes sure he knows it.


Katherine wise is underestimated wherever she might find herself. Accused of laundering her husband’s money, Katherine must continuously remind or inform people that the house that she lives in is one that she bought with
the fortune that she earned. Katherine is a successful businesswoman who helped implement effective trading strategies to Emrys and its surrounding villages. She tries her hardest to help Emrys grow into a stronger industrial city. Unfortunately, her fame is practically nonexistent due to her husband’s unhealthy interest in parties, where he is seen as the head of the household.


Works alongside Henry. Lina is tough, believing that hard work can get you far. She does not, however, believe in ghosts. She is convinced that the majority of the cases that Henry works on are the result of insanity. She respects Henry, though, knowing that she herself would not be able to take those cases. With Her partner, Mateo Eltner, she sticks to the more straightforward cases. Lina respects Mateo but has a bad tendency to point out his problems and weaknesses (something that Henry finds much enjoyment in). Lina follows her gut and does have the patience to listen to someone, even if she personally doesn’t believe them.


A well-respected piece of Emrys’ 15th precinct police station. Moving from constable to detective in only 2 months impressed everyone around him. He sometimes acts out of turn, especially when it comes to the efficiency of the station. Mateo maintains a cool head, even in the toughest of situations. This attitude was immediately recognized by Henry as that of a good leader. Henry recognizes Mateo’s seniority but will not hesitate to challenge him on case decisions, especially if that case is deemed “weird” by Mateo.

Emrys: The Capital City of Anderra