Henry Graves

The World of Henry Graves

Henry Graves in City of the Forgotten

Issue #1: End of Autumn

For nearly a year now, Henry Graves has worked on a number of different paranormal cases with his close friend, Avery Thorne. However, the recent incident and mysterious concluding events involving Alexander and his gauntlet, dubbed “The Sun Thief”, have left Henry in despair.

With news of a strange new case, Henry must now put aside his troubles and head into the countryside, where he will experience things he never thought possible…

24 pages

Henry Graves in The Autumn Lilies and other short stories


A few days after the events at Wise Manor, Henry Graves finds himself on a stone bridge chatting with Avery Thorne. Suddenly, Henry notices a woman in the river below floating among some oddly-colored lily pads. Ignoring Avery’s warnings, Henry attempts to save the woman… This anthology collects five short stories that follow Henry in his daily life. It explores a variety of oddities he may encounter and even takes a glimpse into Henry’s past.

36 pages

Henry Graves in The Story of a Piano

When a bloodied woman appears at the police station and claims that her husband attacked her with a knife, the police are convinced that they have another deranged psychopath on their hands. However, when she reveals that her husband was crushed and killed by a falling piano a few weeks prior, questions (and eyebrows) begin to rise.

Famed for his knowledge of the unsettling and paranormal, Detective Henry Graves is called onto the case. Using his resources, Henry must determine the truth behind woman’s strange experiences and bring this attacker to justice.

2nd Edition48 pages