An engineer from the city of Raysetta on the moon of Gairon VII. After the unknown event that caused her moon to freeze over, Sydera gathered her things and headed out to find her brother at the Grand metropolis. She brought along an invention into the wasteland to keep her safe: a pair of technopathic gauntlets. These gloves give Sydera the telepathic ability to control and manipulate technology. It has saved her countless times, building her canine companion, a flight suit, a hover craft, and plenty of weapons. Sydera is determined to find her brother, Tydeus, and will stop at nothing until she completes her goal.


A robotic canine that Sydera created not too long before leaving Raysetta.
Starla is modeled after the popular robotic canines that populate the cities of Gairon VII. However, Sydera built Starla out of a custom-built power core. With her gauntlets, Sydera consistently takes Starla apart and is able to
reshape her into countless weapons, as well as a flight suit.

Starla is a good dog.


A leader of the Brothers of Atlas, a rogue part of the old military presence in the Grand Metropolis. Upon her arrival to the city, Sydera witnessed firsthand Forge’s ruthlessness when it comes to taking control. What connection does Forge have with Sydera?

Forge was one of the military’s highest commanders and had a very strong part in the military coupe that occurred only days before the moon froze over.


An acquaintance that Sydera makes not long after arriving to the grand metropolis. After talking for a moment, Sydera realizes that Marcus worked for Dr. Dwen, the engineer who helped Sydera develop the technopathic

Marcus is also a part of the police battalion, an underground militia that is fighting against the brothers of Atlas.


A long-time friend of Sydera’s, as well as former member of the government council. She worked alongside Tydeus on several projects. Rya was also with Tydeus on the day that the leaders of the council were killed by the military

Rya is a strong leader, helping a number of refugees escape the clutches of the Brothers of Atlas.


Sydera’s brother and former a member of the government body that ran Grand Metropolis. Tydeus is a radical member, always defying the common approach. He is well known for stirring up trouble among the council members in the government. No one has seen him since after the freeze.